Areas and topics

Composition and performance:
· Composition
· Performance practice of electroacoustic music
· Studio practice and composition in 3D audio and Ambisonics
· Spatial Performance (Sound Art, Object Theater, Expanded Cinema, Experimental Music)
· Instrumental Systems
· Interactive performance

Measurement, rendering, and generative methods:
· Application of machine learning for music and dance
· Generative and immersive audiovisual spaces
· Computer Vision and Motion Tracking
· Physics-based sound synthesis and procedural audio
· Algorithmic composition
· Data Sonification
· Moving sound sources

Perception and interaction:
· Auditory and multisensory perception
· Haptic perception and interaction

Ecological acoustics:
· Acoustic Ecology, Ecoacoustics and Soundscape Ecology
· Field Recording

Research skills and methodology:
· Scientific texts: writing, reception and critique
· Media Theory
· Experimental (quantitative) research

Software and hardware:
· Software development
· Hardware prototyping