Call for Applications

The Institute for Computer Music and Sound Technology (ICST) at ZHdK offers a one-year program for emerging artists aiming to engage in practice-based research in areas related to sound and technology. The goal of the program is to conduct a practice-based pilot project, to develop a postgraduate research plan and finally to prepare an application to one of ZHdK’s artistic PhD cooperation (or other) programs.

Research at ICST is broad in scope, combining scientific and artistic research topics and methods. ICST thus provides an inspiring and nourishing environment in which to develop a practice-based research project. The pilot project’s aim is to further specify research topic, methods and output formats. Participants will receive individual artistic and technical mentoring from two research associates at ICST (see list of mentoring areas and topics) and further methodological support according to the project’s needs.
Participants will also be introduced to key concepts of artistic research by external advisor Jens Badura. Other activities include participating in colloquia and workshops and observing ongoing projects at ICST and ZHdK. Participants will present their work at ICST and regularly exchange ideas within the peer group. They should, however, be able to conduct their projects autonomously.

There is no tuition fee. A research budget will be provided that should cover basic material, technical and infrastructural support e.g., for studio and rehearsal sessions and travel costs. Required presence at ZHdK includes EARS group meetings and colloquia (see important dates below) as well as individual mentoring sessions.

The outcome is a project presentation and an exposé ready for submission in February of 2024. Note that no ECTS credit points will be awarded and that admission into a PhD cooperation program cannot be guaranteed.

Important dates:
· January 29, 2023: Application deadline 
· March 1, 2023: Project start date 
· March 7-8, 2023: Kick-off workshop with external advisor Jens Badura 
· September 5, 2023: internal colloquium with ICST research staff 
· November 2023: colloquium at ZHdK (dates tba) 
· January 23, 2024: Final presentations 

ICST – Institute for Computer Music and Sound Technology

The Institute for Computer Music and Sound Technology at the Zurich University of the Arts (ZHdK) was founded in 2005 and is active in research, education and musical creation. Besides the long-standing focus on three-dimensional sound projection, current research fields include interfaces and augmented instruments, network-based composition and performance systems, interactive movement and music, musical notation and representation, immersive and virtual environments, electroacoustic performance practice, sonification and acoustic ecology.
The promotion of musical creation through residencies and the involvement of artists in research projects are among ICST’s main concerns, reflecting the growing relevance of artistic research at ZHdK, and resulting in a broad spectrum of projects, performance practices and aesthetics.